Tinkering with monks: cardboard automata video


Three days of tinkering with Tibetan monks condensed in three minutes of video. Enjoy!

You can read all about the cardboard automata activity, as we implemented with with the monks, in these posts.

This is lovely. I'm thinking already how to get my whole family doing it...

Very cool!

Without understanding what they were saying, I love the surprise, understanding, focus and pride that were expressed by the monks!

This is awesome. If you haven't read "The Universe in an Atom" by the Dalai Lama you might want to. It gives the history of how the monks got to this place.

I once heard His Holiness answer the question "How can you always remain so cheerful given the tragedy you deal with all the time".

His reponse, "It takes less energy"

Cheers, mary

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