Chain Reaction - Vergnuggets


The first chain reaction experiments. After spending some time with those setups and filming them, they became little stories with actors to me. The happy "little kicker" scoring two goals at once, the brave "jump into a tiny pool", and a race between dark ball and silver ball.

I call them Vergnuggets - little bits of Vergn├╝gen.

I especially like you singing at the end of the 'downhill racing' ~ seriously, it was the easiest one for me to follow, since it had a clean background. I couldn't really tell what was happening with the little kicker (I only knew because I had seen you playing with it). I think it would also be good to include your discoveries related to the "v" angles required for in order to have the balls spin smoothly along inside.

I think it's great to get these attempts recorded...I'd like to see all of the things we're trying out end up here. Even the things that haven't worked so well.


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