A homemade phonograph (sort of)


Antonio decided to try to make a working replica of Thomas Edison's first phonograph with what we had lying around, and to get it to work in a day, to boot. He has had an interest in working with sound (check out these awesome speakers and amps) and cams, so this seemed like a good way to combine the two.

Is it possible to get your plans for this to use in my grandsons science fair? we need to build one. It is fabulous.

Hello Melody,
I don't think anyone has plans for this, it came together little by little, and only Antonio knows how he did it and why...

Very sweet attempt Antonio!!! It looks great! I'm sure you'll have a hifi version working by the weekend!

Very cool! When we tried this we used plastic beer cups rather than tin cans and it worked a bit better - the cups are easier to scratch with a needle to different depths.


LOL...looks pretty rough but still cool.

I think the learning studio needs a real Edison phonograph, they are such fun. The volume and clarity are astonishing. Old cylinders are cheap and you buy a gadget to shave them so you never run out.

I'm OBSESSED with the phonograph. I don't know what it is but that old music really gets to me.

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