Explainer Skill Swaps


Last week we did some trainings with the high school explainers at the museum so they could learn a bit about our tools, the learning studio environment and the way we approach teaching and learning. This group of explainers (who are between the ages of 15 and 20) work on the museum floor in the afternoons, weekends, and summers. We're interested in helping them feel comfortable in the studio gallery on the floor and feel confident facilitating a wide variety of making activities.


We had four days of skill swaps lead by different members of the studio gallery team. In these 1.5 hr trainings we tried out programming with SRATCH, fusing plastic bags to make wallets, ties, and bags, painting with light, posing for stroboscopic photography, and making a light box key chain on the laser cutter. In all the activities, we were impressed by the creativity and positive energy of the explainer group.


We are excited to continue to collaborate with this talented group of young adults who bring a great deal of expertise regarding the museum floor to their interactions with visitors in the studio gallery

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