Light Painting in the Tinkering Studio



Last week we started playing with light painting in the Tinkering Studio.

Light Play: light sources table and general setup

Our setup consisted of a table full of light sources, so that visitors waiting for their turn painting could start playing with various light emitting devices, and begin formulating and idea or a plan for a drawing. We also set up a simple wooden frame that gave people a better idea of the field of view of the camera, so that they would know where to paint; it seems like a small detail, but things like this make the experience much better in our opinion.

Another not-so-small detail is the TV monitor right next to the painting area: this way, visitors can have immediate feedback and see right away the result of their experimentation. Our rule is to allow visitors as much time, and as many iterations as they want; this typically means that we might be able to serve fewer people than if we limited it to one photo per person, but we care much more that those who do get to go through the activity with us have the best possible experience.

Stencil making light

Special mention goes out to Antonio, who made two extraordinary light sources: an LED ball with three switches on top, pressing which you can get red, green, blue LEDs to light up, as well as combinations thereof. And also, a great "light stencil", made from a funnel and some laser cut letter stencils.

But without further ado, here are some of the awesome pictures that we took last week!

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