Wind Tubes: The Movie


Just kidding...but we did try some experiments with filming simple creations floating, twirling, spinning and flying out of wind tubes in the learning studio today. We are interested in eventually getting a collection of clips that may inspire visitors to the the tinkering studio to make similar inventions.

We found that lighting the tubes and filming from the outside was surprisingly difficult as we kept trying angles that reflected harshly off the plastic surface and obscured the contraptions moving in the wind. Sebastian suggested that we try filming from the bottom by placing the camera on the fan and aiming it up the tube. It turned out to not only provide a really interesting vantage point but also we could notice beautiful anamorphic warping on the sides of the cylinder.

Maybe in the future we'll be able to mount a camera on a wind tube on the floor to record what people make in real time as they are testing out their creations. In the meantime enjoy this first take and a sneak preview of an idea that may seem better on paper than in real life.

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