Captive tinkerer: Gever Tulley vs. strawberry baskets


Charles Eames famously said: "One of something may be beautiful, but can you stand to see 100 in a row?"


Well, how about 2,000? Gever Tulley, our beloved Tinkerer in Residence, worked all day in the Tinkering Studio to see what he could come up with with lots of one thing and one thing only. We happened to have around a little over 2,000 strawberry baskets (long story, maybe one day they will be used for what they were originally meant…), and so we piled them all on a table, and started futzing and playing. Using only binder clips to join them, and later on nothing but gravity and stacking, here are some of the things we came up with.

Binder clips are a good way to hold baskets together non-destructively, but they limit which sides can be joined. Interesting constraint to work with!

About half-way into the first wave of construction. Notice the big dome on the left above the table, and the beginnings of what we christened Strawberryopolis.

The easy way to make an arch.

A giant tower with no binder clips whatsoever. Just gravity and stacking.

Ryan, Annie, and Kate pose with their masterpiece.

This happened spontaneously while we were having lunch!

Art Deco arches by Kai.

A giant pyramid using almost all of the baskets! It was so strong that it supported a small child (scroll down for the movie.)

The piggy sphinx.

And finally my favorite bit: testing the strength of the pyramid (again made with no binder clips) with our wonderful human test subject: Rowan! Thank you for being awesome.

More photos in the slideshow.

We really like the small child sitting on the basket pile!
-Annie and Lianna

The video made me laugh.

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