Testing the Vacuforming Machine


This past saturday at Open Make: Plastic, Antonio showed off his homemade vacuforming device and demonstrated techniques for bending acrylic into forks and knives. Like many of the inventions that make their way into the tinkering studio, the homemade vacuum form device started off as a prototype in the learning studio. Antonio developed his idea to a point and then shared it with the 'always supportive' studio group.

By the measure of fun that we had trying out different things with the contraption, we could tell that we'd probably want to eventually share it with visitors. In the video you can see how Antonio has ownership over his creation but lets everyone else get excited about going in new directions and finding ways of "plussing" the activity. Also you can see how some people can't help but live dangerously. It was also pretty nice that we helped Mike finally get over never finding this under the christmas tree as a child.

We'll post pictures of the vacuforming machine in action on the floor but until then check out this behind the scenes exclusive look at the prototype process.

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