Our first stop-motion with metal parts


....posting this for Ryoko...

We are getting ready for Open Make on this Saturday. Following "plastic" and "cardboard", the theme for this month is "metal".

As an ongoing project, Sebastian, Chad, and I have been working on stop-motion animation station, and it is also getting ready for the metal animation. Yesterday, when we were preparing the metallic materials for the animation table, a visitor (a girl from Texas) stopped by and made the first metal animation with us!

I like the washer and nut became an eye, the water surface moving, and the water splashing twice! Can you find a lovely stingray swimming at the bottom and an eel hiding in the sea weeds? I also like there is one little fish turning around and running away from the dropping object.

Come to the Open MAKE: Metal/Wire
March 19, 2011

What software do you guys use to make your videos?

Hello Stephanie!
We are developing our own software, because we have specific needs if we are to make this into a stand-alone exhibit (for example, we want to allow visitors to have a copy of their animation emailed to themselves).
However, you can check out the excellent Sam Animation software: it does almost anything you might possibly want a stop-motion application to do!

that was really cool, i'll need to try that sometime

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