Our last weekend with Rolling Through the Bay


We're sad to say that this is the last weekend Scott Weaver's Rolling Through the Bay toothpick sculpture will be on view in the Tinkering Studio.  But fear not - his masterpiece will continue to inspire and bring joy to the public at the Marin County Fair from June 30 - July 4.  And it's possible that Scott and his toothpicks will make their way across the country later this summer.

We'll miss having all those toothpicks, the look on people's faces when they learn that it took Scott 35 years to make it, and watching their jaws drop when they see ping pong balls make their way through the sculpture.  But we're really going to miss having Scott around to give tours, tell his story and occasionally whip out a frisbee to do a few tricks.

Good luck Scott!  Keep on blind chest rolling through the bay!

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