Cardboard Horde!


Although Sub-Terrain may be gone, the joy of tinkering with cardboard continues!  Inspired by making cardboard masks and costumes at Maker Faire, Dan decided to lead the summer campers in making their own cardboard creations.  The campers made some amazing costumes.  There were several Vikings, an awesome Brian Wilson beard, and Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem complete with gurdy roots and wackspurt siphons (in time for the Harry Potter 7.5 premiere) just to name a few.

cardboard horde
The campers attack!

clever camouflage
This camper was so well camouflaged Ryan mistook his costume as a place to sit.

cardboard man
Bringing the box to its full potential.

We can't wait to see more camper cardboard creations this summer!

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