Oscylinderscope Tests


One of the exhibits that we currently have in the Tinkering Studio is an oscylinderscope made by former artist-in-residence Norman Tuck. Coincidentally as we were thinking about ways to add context to the exhibit by displaying prototypes and inspirations someone sent us a link to this incredible youtube video of guitar string patterns taken by an iphone inside the body of the instrument.

After watching the video we of course immediately tried to recreate the effect with an iphone and also with the built in camera on the iMac in the learning studio. It didn't end up working as well as we wanted (we think that it may have to do with the way the phone adjusts to the light when inside the guitar or maybe the bright blue sky background affects the camera's focusing) but Sebastian nobly attempted a new style of strumming with a piece of paper in his teeth. I'm sure we'll keep messing about with strobes and guitars as well as continuing to experiment with sharing pieces like Norman's original prototype (with the patent number scrawled in sharpie) or Nicole's working guitar with a rotating cylinder inside the body with visitors, so they can see the tinkering spirit that has led to most of the exhibits at the Exploratorium.

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