I (sewing needle) tinkering


I love the design of the new Tinkering tees, though the fit wasn't quite right for my body type. What's a girl to do? The clear solution was to tinker with it. A few minor alterations later and I'm in love with my new shirt!

The first alteration was changing the shape of the neckline. I flipped the shirt inside out and used the shape of a tee that I knew fit well to guide me in drawing a new curve along the front. I used a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the line and, voila!, a whole new look. The next alteration was the sleeves. The "ringer" style sleeve was a little snug and overall was super long so I cut the end off. At first I wasn't sure how to finish the sleeve but then the fabric naturally began to roll up. I folded it twice, pinned it in place, and sewed a button on the outside to hold the fold. There are also a few stitches on the inside of the cuff as well to make it more secure. I really like the red-orange thread and the white button to match the glue gun design on the front. Those two simple changes made a big difference in fit.

IMG_1918 IMG_1916
Before and After

Close up of the sleeve, my favorite part!

Great demo! How many times have I - a geek female - seen a cute t-shirt but never bought it because of the manly design? Now I will buy it and alter it myself. However, in a perfect world the geek t-shirt manufacturers would provide babydoll/women's versions (XS for girls to XXL for mature women) with NO uncomfortable seam binding around the neck and arms!

Geek shirts should always come in girlie versions of all sizes!

Go Lianna ~ Go

Nice job Lianna! Can we find a way to get a link to this shirt-hacking demo in the store by the display until we (fingers-crossed) can stock some women/girls sizes of the tinkering shirts?

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