Camp-a-palooza 2011!


This week we are trying out workshops for two different Exploratorium summer camp groups. For the younger kids, we set up marble machines, haba blocks, and squishy circuits and let them float between stations. Making a LED light up with play-doh and getting a marble to consistently roll down a path are difficult but after a little practice the campers had success with both activities. We would have had more time to play but we spent a fair amount of time sorting out the differences between tinkering and tinker-bell.



For the older group, we tried out a first attempt at life-size stop motion with a group of kids. We had four boys who worked as actors, directors of photography, prop managers, and special effects artists. They came up with a action drama horror comedy extravaganza involving a car crash, parachutes, steamrollers, and roof top skateboarders. That's a lot of stuff to fit into a fifteen second motion picture!



Tomorrow we'll post the world premier of The Fast and the Furious 6: Tinkering Drift (working title) and one more stop motion masterpiece as well as a time lapse of these two crazy days. It should be a fun way to end our experiments with the summer camp for this year.

Thanks for writing this post. I think it'll be helpful to Sam and Aiona.

Yes indeed! It was extremely useful to see these exhibits in action and to collect Lianna and Ryan's ideas about how to improve them. I wrote up an extensive list of all our observations and we've been working on tweaking the design. Thank you so much for sharing your space and insights!

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