The Great Drawdio Popsicle Experiment


While playing with ice balloons and cricket computers to make music today someone asked the inevitable question, "well what happens when you lick it?" The short answer is that it was fairly similar to touching the ice balloon with your hand. The long answer is the series of experiments that occurred next. Someone mentioned that it would be fun to have an ice balloon that would make music when you put it in your mouth. Nicole mentioned that we could do that with a popsicle. We then set about making a popsicle with a drawdio built into the stick. We started with this arrangement, but reconsidered because we weren't sure if it was safe to freeze the drawdio.

We made this rig to hold the stick at the right height so it would be easy attach the drawdio after the juice froze.

While waiting for the juice to freeze, Sebastian and John got a popsicle and ice cream bar from the cafe to experiment with. And here's what happened:

The juice is still in the freezer, we'll update with the results soon!

Squeal-sicle, Screamsicle, Sound-sicle, Ohmsicle, Sour-note-sorbet, Lick-stick, Improvisational Popsicle....okay I'll stop. But I think you can tell how much I enjoyed this post.

i like 'drotter pops' or Donna suggested 'audio pops'

Awesome writeup! I have never frozen a Drawdio though I have used one in the middle of winter in Boston outdoors for extended periods. I think the parts are rated for freezing temperatures, but I would love to try it with one of mine and see how it goes.

Love it!

Pop Music....okay I've really got to stop.

Thanks Jay. We had fun last night playing with drawdio at an adult night with a music and creativity theme. Stay tuned for a psychedelic timelapse. We'll let you know about future drawdio/beerdio/popdio experiments!

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