Project Runway - Tinkerer's Ball Edition


With all of our workshop materials packed up in a truck on the way to Baltimore, we've spent the last couple of days putting the finishing touches on our costumes for the tinkerer's ball. The ball is a DIY-tie event and throughout the night, we will be helping guests deck themselves out in cardboard, fused plastic, super bright LEDs and soldered tiaras. So, for that night, instead of the usual tinkering studio team facilitating the activities, we'll be inhabiting our alter egos of "Mr. T", "tinker-bell", "iron maiden", and "the scorpion". Walter built extending wings for his turn in the DJ booth and everyone else will be glowing, shining, or blinking. Needless to say, we'll all look absolutely fabulous!

We used glow in the dark fabric paint to screen print Glost Walrus (glowing ghost walrus) on t-shirts

Eric showed up and customized his exploratorium staff shirt.

Nicole perfected the punk-rock zip-tie mohawk look.

Luigi got inspired by Nicole's zip-tie experiments and made 'stunna shades' with light up antennae.

I appropriated a cardboard helmet from CIT and added rose-colored cardboard glasses.

Lianna as "Susie homeMAKER" worked on light-up LED earrings.

Hopefully our guests will either bring their own tinkered ensembles or take advantage of the fashion extravaganza that night to join us on the 'best-dressed' list of the ball.

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