Tinkerer's Ball Photobooth


On Friday night we took over the AVAM sculpture barn and had one hell of a ASTC pre-party with costume making, extraordinary music, delectable food, and unique works of art from local makers. From Matmos to Felix the bubble guy to the Fojol bros to Charm City Cakes, all these disparate parts and more worked together to form a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

Some of our nearest and dearest showed up and created cardboard hats, soldered tiaras, and light up LED paraphernalia. The pre-made costumes that people brought were awesome and the outfits made at the party were inspired. There's no way we could have predicted the level of creativity and innovation of everyone who did things like constructing giant butterfly wings, attaching LEDs to their vest buttons, tricking out glasses with copper wire eyelashes, making a six foot tall top hat, and developing all kinds of other cardboard, plastic, and metal designs.

Luigi set up a photo booth for people to capture their creations while standing in Nicole's amazing golden frame. The collection of images gives a sense of the humor, fun and excitement that everyone brought to the night. It was absolute treat for us to be able to party the night away with so many well dressed tinkerers in the perfect location for a DIY-tie ball.

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