Tinkering at ASTC


Exploratorium booth at ASTC 2011

After hosting an absolutely amazing tinkerer's ball at AVAM on friday night, we spent the rest of the weekend at the ASTC exhibition hall, showcasing some of the work that we have been doing over the past year or so . We brought toy take-apart, digital bling, and scribbling machines to our booth and conference attendees made some incredible creations over the course of the weekend. We also worked with exhibit services to create a brand new cabinet of curiosities to display examples of work by artists in residence, activity examples, tiny exhibits, viral videos, and other delightful objects. It was a blast to chat with lots of folks who are doing similar work, share some of the things that we are currently excited about, and discuss the joys and challenges of trying these activities in different places.

We got a shout out from Melissa in this video about "What Inspired You Most at ASTC?"

They also did an interview with Mike where he explains what it means to be a tinkerer.

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