Cosmic Marble Machines Test


Inspired by cosmic bowling with elements of Tron and the aesthetic of a Tinkerer's Rave, we've been experimenting with the idea of "one night only" debut of glow-in-the-dark marble machines at the next after dark event. Once we discovered that our green marbles glowed brightly under the UV lights, we started testing all types of other materials that we could built with on the illuminated marble boards. So far, we've covered tracks with neon tape, spray painted clothespins with glow in the dark paint, and hot glued feathers onto the bumpers.


In the process of messing around with materials we made some interesting discoveries about what works under the lights and what doesn't. We were surprised to find that the clear tubing didn't let the ultra violet light get through, making it look like the marble disappears inside the tube.

We ended up making a working model on the small board. The next step will be bringing out lights to the marble fort in the tinkering studio and see if we can rig up a quick way to bathe the niche in UV light. While I can't say for sure that this will be the 'future' of marble machines, it should be a fun experiment to try for the evening hours.



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