After Dark Afterglow


Last Thursday, as a part of a glow-themed adult night, we brought out a bunch of florescent and glow-in-the-dark activities, environmental elements and art pieces that we have been working on for the past few weeks in the learning studio. We bathed the marble machine fort in UV light and decorated the tracks and tubes with orange and pink florescent tape to make "cosmic" ball runs with our glowing green marbles. Visitors made light-up accessories with LEDs, coin cell batteries, and wire. And they gave each other highlighter tattoos visible under the black lights. Last but not least, we set up a cardboard brick hearth for a stop-motion animation screensaver of a candy corn/pretzel fireplace made by PES and created a cardboard bearskin rug for lounging during the event. This motley collection of experiments all contributed to a very cool environment for some glowing tinkering fun.

The marble machine niche took on a sci-fi flavor as people built with the florescent elements.

While the tables for 'digital bling' were filled with materials and people, everyone was focused on constructing intricate pieces of jewelry.

Before creating a glowing accessory, people tested out their ideas about electricity and circuits.

Many tinkerers collaborated and helped each other make personal and unique objects.

The highlighter tattoos were very popular. This lovely design features a hot glue gun.

IMG_3723 1
Collaboration was also required for FACE TATTOOS!

This little dino with an LED eye was one of the coolest things made that night.

No shoes on bear!

But we encouraged people to run their hands through the corrugated cardboard fur.

And it became the coolest place to hang out (besides right underneath the massive cubatron)

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