Mistfit Toy Factory


On Saturday night, some of us tinkerers headed over to the Misfit Toy Factory at Root Division, an artist collective and education center, to participate in a truly twisted take-apart toy event. Each artist had one hour to create a "misfit toy" that would go on display in the gallery and be sold to raise money for educational programs at the institution. We packed up a supply of glue guns, soldering irons, googly eyes, mylar, old toys, and more and each made a plan for how to best use the very short one hour time limit.

Lianna took the mylar light box idea to the next level by converting a cigar box into a case for the illuminated tubes (it was on the shelf for about 30 seconds before it got sold).

Inspired by experiments during our metal open:MAKE month, ryoko constructed a beautiful wire automata of a horse.

I went down more of a cardboard route and transformed a remote controlled tarantula...

...into a whiskey-toting Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with a Santa themed controller.

We all had a really fun night and it was a trip to see what people go through on the other side of a twisted toysevent and represent the tinkering studio in this holiday making extravaganza. There were some new ideas for the next take apart toys exploration at the tinkering studio and we got inspiration for our possible future reality TV show: 'America's Next Top Tinkerer" or "Survivor:Tinkerers' Island".

The whiskey Rudolph and wire automata will be on sale at Root Division for the rest of the week, so act fast if you want one of these one-of-a-kind holiday gifts.

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