Make@Home Potato Heads


As part of the open:MAKE Toys event this weekend, we filled the make@home vending machine with DIY potato head kits. These instructions will help start out those who bought a kit in the tinkering studio or anyone who wants to collect the pieces and build a homemade potato toy.

Step 1 - Open the egg. The essential parts are the tiny potato, some wire, and googly eyes. We also included an assortment of decorative elements like pipe cleaners, colored beads, cocktail umbrellas, and feathers.

Step 2 - Collect your tools. To make the potato head you will need pliers/wire cutters, scissors, and glue. If you don't have a hot glue gun, Elmer's will do the trick in a pinch.

Step 3 - Make the arms and legs. First, you need to cut four pieces of wire. Then use the pliers to bend little circles for the hands and bigger circles for the feet. Stick the wire in the potato and balance the weight so the figure can stand up. A little glue on the connection points helps the appendages be more sturdy.

Step 4 - Glue on the googly eyes. We like to use the natural contours and marks on the spud to figure out proper placement.

Step 5 - Use the accessories to personalize your potato head. Look at the decorative bits in your kit or find other doodads around your house for inspiration. It also works well to draw on clothes with sharpies or colored markers. For this example, I made mine into a clownish tater with colorful pipe cleaner hair, a red bead nose and a purple umbrella.

Although "some tinkering is required" in this kit, it's worth the extra to "create them all". So far we've made super taters, seductive ladies, twitter birds, dog walkers and more. Go ahead and try with different sizes of potatoes, homemade googly eyes, or any other variation you can imagine. And of course, share what you've made at home with us.

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