Large Scale Stop Motion at Open Make


At the Open Make event this weekend, we set up a big cardboard surface in the webcast studio and let people make stop motion animations by moving their body around the stage. We brought out pool noodles, boxes, boas, tennis balls, and other props and let people have about five minutes each to make a quick scene. In summer camp last year, we had a lot of fun making longer movies with more complicated plots, but I wasn't sure if people would have a satisfying experience in a shorter amount of time. However, the fast time limit forced people to quickly get started and not think to hard about a grand cinematic vision. For most of the day there were a few groups waiting in the "on deck circle" so they got a chance to see how other groups turned discreet movements into an illusion of motion. Using the trick perspective of the camera aiming straight down, performers could appear to defy gravity, demonstrate amazing feats of strength, and glide smoothly across the floor. There were about forty scenes which we edited together to make a short film which will make you laugh, cry, and wish for a sequel.

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