Shopping for Tools at Alameda Flea Market


It was a beautiful day!
Tim, Lianna, Nicole, and I went to the Alameda Flea Market yesterday to look for something interesting for Open Make: Tools. I was especially looking for some tools that visitors could take apart in the "Tool Dissections" activity.

We looked at various kitchen tools and had fun to guess what their functions are. This one is probably an easy one, yes, an apple peeler! Very sturdy, cast iron apple peeler. I had never seen a big peeling device like this... and am curious to see how this works.

Could you guess what these tools were used for?

Hints: (right) This plays an important role in a clock. (left) This was probably made for music teachers.

For our Tool Dissection activity, we've got some old tools like these, which might be stretched to be included in as a tool.

2 hair dryers (hair drying tools), iron (a heating & flattening tool). $5 each!

A binocular (an augmentation tool), a Kodak film camera (a recording tool), and a typewriter (a printing tool). At the Alameda flea market, most of the things are antiques and that is why they are expensive, but these are all under $10!

I personally would like to take apart all of these items by myself, but I'll wait for the Open Make day and am looking for dissecting these with visitors.

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