Making and Tinkering with Tools (large & small)


We recently came across two videos about using tools that are mesmerizing. Arnold Golay, Toy Maker is a 30 minute film about a craftsman who was a watchmaker until he turned to toys in his retirement. The film documents his process for making a toy hand-cart. A preview is available online at the DER website.

Ben's Mill: Making a Sled is a one hour documentary about Ben Thresher and his woodworking mill. Among other things, Ben makes a horse drawn sled for a neighbor to haul logs. You can watch the entire one-hour film online at the Folkstreams site.

Ben's Mill has quickly become one of my favorite tool-based films (a close second to Alone in the Wilderness).

Hey we're putting materials up on the floor with our new giant windtubes... I've spent the last week adding and removing materials and tools as we discover they are getting used or deconstructed in ways we never never imagined. One of the most amazing things is the visitors need/desire/compulsion/drive/curiosity to create tools. Out of anything. Out of pipecleaners Out of pencils Out of Paper(!) Out of other materials brought in their pockets to build and make the things they want to make. I've been taking photos of the evidence of these things - it is so resonant of your current theme - its also so human! wish I was there! K

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