Tool dissection: the joy of repurposing!


We have been exploring tool dissection activity since the beginning of this month and getting ready for the Open Make: Tools tomorrow! Could you guess what we took apart?

The answer is ... a hair dryer! What would you make out of these components after dissecting?

The process of dissecting is fun, but we are finding it is much more fun to re-purpose the parts that we took apart and to turn them into something new! For example...

Here is an earring made of a switch of the hair dryer. The left is a ring made of a gear of the hand drill.

The hair dryer Oster's plate necklace (left). Raha with the cool necklace (right).

Raha used the mesh part of this hair dryer nozzle and turned it into a beautiful accessory!

Tada--! I would wear them everyday!

Not only small parts, you can also use big parts of the tools.

For example, the plastic cover of the hand drill (the one that I took apart last week) became a headphone.


This hair dryer handle turned into ... an iPhone rest.

Or a flower vase.

Join us this weekend for Open Make :Tools! An old typewriter, an old analog calculator, an old slide projector, hair dryers, hand drills, a binocular, irons (and many more!) are waiting to be dissected and given new purposes!

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