Instragram Roundup: Exhibit Moves


Today, all of the South Gallery and Tinkering exhibits are being transported across town to our new location at Pier 15. Last week, our whole group pitched in to prepare the exhibits for moving by covering them with blankets, encasing them with shrink wrap and setting them on furniture dollies. Each gallery has been working hard to get their section of the museum packed up and moved and it's really amazing how much progress has been made. Throughout this process @lmungo, @liannak, and yours truly @ryanejenkins have been using our master instagramming skills to share a behind the scenes look at what it takes to move such a huge and complicated place like the Exploratorium. Here are a few of my favorites from the feeds.

We got some help fork-lifting the bigger exhibits like Jacob's ladder down off the mezz. For the smaller ones, we just took the elevator.

Lariat Chain was a beast to disassemble because of the years of floor wax coating the fasteners. This giant steel plate also required four or five of us to lift onto the panel cart.

Some exhibits in hard to reach places like Enchanted Tree had accumulated a thick layer of dust and cobwebs that had to be carefully cleaned off.

Shoe Tester sat on top of the wood shop for many years and added a layer of grease in addition to the copious amount of dust, creating a new substance that I fondly refer to as grust.

The vintage LA Lights on the shoe tester also were a nice blast from the past.

It's a little bit sad to be packing up and shipping out some of our favorite exhibits like Floating in Copper, but it's going to be amazing seeing them in their new home!

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