Toy Dissection with Project Explainers


Toy Dissection

As part of the preparations for our opening day in a few weeks, I've been sharing some of the things we'll be trying out in the Tinkering Studio with a smaller group of explainers who will be dedicating more of their time on the floor with our group. We've been having weekly meetings where we alternate between engaging in activities as a learner and using our shared experience to reflect on aspects of facilitation in the TS like dealing with frustration, setting the mood, and asking the right questions. This past week we tried toy dissection together and I wanted to share some of themechanical components they discovered inside and some of the funny, creepy remixed mutant toys they created.

Liz and Delisa wasted no time decapitating their stuffed animal while keeping the wires uncut so that they could continue to explore the mechanical motions.

The table was soon covered with stuffing that had been ripped out of the various toys, yet focused work continued in each pair.

Raisa found a really complicated mechanism with six gears that controlled the flapping ears of an easter bunny.

TJ and Chris starting messing around with their dissected toy and stumbled upon the strange and interesting music made by circuit bending

Toy Dissection.
Joey worked to turn an offset motor that he found inside of his toy into the backbone of a scribbling machine.

Toy Dissection
Rose flipped her pikachu inside out and set everything back up so that the motion still worked.

We're looking forward to trying this and other circuit activities with visitors when our space opens in a few weeks!

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