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I've been working on a cardboard and hot-glue coin-operated machine, inspired by Tim Hunkin, of course, and the first step was figuring out how to make something coin-operated.

Tim has instructions for a coin-operated switch that works really well, and you can make it out of cardboard.

  • Cutout the parts.
  • Fold and glue together as drawing (right).
  • Bend wire on microswitch in L shape with pliers
  • Hold in place and try coins - moving switch position until coins fall through easily
  • Push 3mm bolts through switch holes to mark card
  • Punch holes through marked points, and screw in bolts

Tim has instructions for controlling the switch with a relay, but you can also control it with an Arduino. Arduinos are great, because they give you a lot of control over the behavior of your machine (Luckily, I was looking for an excuse to brush up on my Arduino skills). I started by programming the switch to turn on an LED, but it's easy to change the LED out for a motor, and then you really can control just about anything . . .

So with a little bit of code, a low-torque microswitch, and something fun to charge for, I'll be in business!

This is perfect for what I'm working on now. Thanks Nicole!

Oh, and thanks to Tim of course!

Missing a colon in the "coin operated switch" link. The correct link is

Hello. Can I get the code of the devcie in the video. Thanks. Have a good day.

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