The Maker Space at ECSITE


At the ecsite conference in Gothenburg, we took part in an experimental kind of session, a maker space where attendees could spend time working on projects and having conversations about developing this type of work at their own institutions.

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We started with a totally packed session where Karen shared about the tinkering studio alongside other presenters talking about programs and environments in Germany, Russia, Poland and France.

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Jean-Michel from the CCSTI La Casemate in Grenoble shared his 3D printer along with some inspirational stories about how that digital fabrication technology can be used all over a museum to make various parts for exhibits.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
The first day we had circuit boards out as a more basic example of a electricity activity. Although we thought it would be simple, it turned out that some participants developed a really interesting line of experiments with adding conductive thread as a potentiometer. We spent about a hour making a potentiometer with the sewn circuit thread.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
Over the course of the three days of the conference we hosted various activities in the space including paper circuits.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
Here's a really nice example of a paper circuit of "love from Sweden" light-up postcard.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
This person made a very complicated card with three switches and three lights all inside the folded paper.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
Sewn circuits was also very popular and many people stayed through one or two other sessions making customized electronic jewelry.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
This person make a really nice cuff to match her pink dress.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
There's a strong feeling of pride that comes with constructing your own personally meaningful object that makes all the frustrating moments worthwhile.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
Of course scribbling machines also were a big hit throughout the maker space.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
We had a design table and a testing space which worked well although one often bled into the other.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
It was also great that people came to know the maker space as an area where we had lots of materials and tools. Claudia came in to fix her show with a hot glue gun and others came by to borrow scissors, clips, and other things.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2
Overall it was a really nice and different interaction during a conference to have people working together on projects during the sessions. Not only were we thrilled to see the interesting creations that were made, but we also valued the important conversations we had while working side by side on tinkering activities. It was also great to collaborate with Jean Michel, Ian and John the Center for Life in Newcastle, Jochen from Germany, Karolina from Poland, and other guest tinkerers from Sweden and around the world. The space proved to be very active and popular, so hopefully we will be back next year with a maker space that's bigger and better than ever.

Maker Space Day 1 and 2

It was great to see you again! And thanks for letting me repair my shoe ;-) Albeit I want to mention that I also came to build my first skribble bot and glow-in-the-dark-at-nocturne-bracelet! Yeah! I love The Tinkering Studio! And you are all welcome to visit me at "haptick" when you are in Berlin!

All the best!

great to see you at the conference! and be sure to visit us next time you're in SF as well!

Thank you for a fantastic workshop :-)
Where can I find the description of light postcard?

hi thora,
here's the light painting activity page
check out our blog and website for more activities and ideas

It was nice to work with you! Let's start to collect ideas for next year ;-)
All the best, Karolina Perrin

sounds good! looking forward to maker space 2.0

My colleague visited you i Gothenburg, she is the person i the pink dress :) and came home with this beautiful bracelet i pink! As we are planning the workshops for schools for the autumn I wonder if you could send me a list of materials used in the sewed circuits and where to buy it? It would be great doing this with the pupils!

Kind regards

Hi Helen,
sounds like fun
the main parts that you need are the LEDS
conductive thread
the battery packs

another great site for inspiration and materials around sewing circuits is the hi-lo tech site from the MIT media lab

have fun!

Thanks, Exploratorium and other colleagues of Maker Space for an inspiring time at Ecsite 2013!

Diana ~ I think everyone involved in hosting the Maker Space had as much fun as those who got to experience it. I know I did ~ I'm still on a high from time spent at Ecsite and being able to talk about making and tinkering with such an enthusiastic and talented group of people. I especially enjoyed watching the excitement grow over the course of the conference as people would bring other colleagues and friends through the space. Best of luck creating your new space and feel free to reach out and utilize us as resources along the way. I have every confidence you're going to come up with something as unique as your last project that I adore. ;-)

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