Hello,  I am working in the Tinkering Studio this summer as part of the Maker Corps program.  So far it has been a wonderful experience to be in such an inspiring group in an equally inspiring place!

Lately I have been playing around with copper wire, which we have lots of here in the Studio.  I started making wearable head pieces  (I call them copperheads, but they can also be tiaras or crowns) with LED lights.  They are fun and easy to make and only require a few materials to get started.

These sculptures can be held together by twisting their ends, but a soldering iron is very handy for making them permanent and stable.  You can always experiment by adding some moving parts and embellishments.

I really  enjoy the simplicity and beauty of movement of this piece.  It resembles a little propeller hat.  The "propeller" part actually spins and spirals down the wire.

This playful fish has a blue eye and is emerging from a sea of blue wires.

I added a few gumdrop LEDs on a parallel circuit to make a simple head-band.

This is how i attached the battery holder on the back of the piece.  Solder keeps it in place.

I will continue making more of these sculptures and will add more moving parts.

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