sewn-circuit blocks


We've been experimenting with sewn circuits in the Tinkering Studio, and one thing we've noticed is that it's hard to test your circuit before you invest a lot of time sewing. To help with this, I made a set of sewn-circuit blocks that snap together with lengths of ribbon, inspired by our circuit boards, and Ryan's circuit cards.

We quickly realized you needed a way to make parallel circuits, so I added snaps to the middle of the ribbons.

I made blocks for all the basic components (a battery pack and leds), and I also made blocks for a few different switches and sensors.

I hope that this will be a useful prototyping tool for visitors making their own circuits in the Tinkering Studio, and that they might inspire them to think about circuits, and sewing, in a new way.

Now that is brilliant. You've got a product there, easily sewable modules for e-wear. But more to the point, a really great way for folks to see sewable electronics. The snap-as-connector is really, really great.

Did you add conductive thread to ribbon, or is this conductive ribbon. If the latter, do you mind telling me where you got it? I am working with a class on e-textiles, and this would be a really great tool for them!

This IS brilliant, I agree. I have worked with adults and kids on e-textile workshops, and it can be very frustrating to spend a lot of time sewing only to have something reversed (an LED), a short, or some other mistake. Thank you!

This. Is. Amazing!

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