Familiar Materials for Unusual Circuits


Over the past couple weeks, it has been great to check out the rebelmouse page for inspirations and innovations from participants in our coursera course as they build scribbling machines, sewn circuits and other electricity-minded projects.

I was intrigued by Marlene's coin cell battery holder using a key cover and a metal brad. It's super simple and and looks like it works great. I especially like how these materials are much cheaper than the sew on battery packs and show evience of tinkering in the design.

It reminded me of another novel approach to attaching motors and batteries for a electric vehicle activity from the Ecsite conference earlier this summer. Xander from the TrashLab used pushpins and paperclips soldered to the components to make homemade switches.

These connections could easily be adjusted and reconfigured to turn the propeller on and off. I like how both of these examples use extremely common materials to create electrical connections. These types of solutions can inform what kind of materials to use with different activities and can really make circuits more approachable.


Fantastic, I'm saving all these ideas for a winter full of library programs!

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