Automata (and then some...)


You may have noticed the radio silence on our end, as witnessed by a serious lack of blog posts. This was because our website was hacked, not that we didn't have lots of things to share with you.  We're happy to be back in business now and I'll kick things off with what should end up being a barrage of blog posts from the team, showing you what we’ve been up to for the last month or so.

Things like R&D work around chain reactions, a tinkering social club featuring scratch film, an animation workshop with Hanoch Piven, workshops with 826 Valencia, a pre conference workshop for the ASTC CoP (Community of Practice), along with special treats like a riff on Light Play that Maz created for a children's hospital and Dana Schloss was a tinkerer-in-residence with us for a few weeks.  I know there are other things I'm forgetting, but you get the idea....we have lots to talk about!

I'll share something related to a CoP hangout we did last Friday called Let's Talk Automata.  A few of us on the hangout referred to these mechanism examples, but you didn't get to see them in motion, so here they are -- all in one place (thanks to Ryoko)!

    Automata Round and round from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

    Automata Up down and round from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

    Automata Back and forth from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

    Automata Up and down from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.


    Automata Side to side from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo. 



We also created this PDF a while back, during the PIE project, but it has a little more information about automata.


Lastly, if you're looking for something to tinker with over the upcoming holidays...
Consider bringing automata to the table.  I can only imagine the wide and wild variety of possible narratives you'll come up with.  Send us a photo if you make something!

I LOVE this project. In July of this year I helped teach a two-day physics and art workshop for elementary teachers in Southern Utah. On the second day we made automata. Here's a video of what these smart teachers came up with:

Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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