Three Word Stories with Scratch



Last week, Ricarose Roque shared an activity that she's been developing using scratch and maKeymaKey for storytelling. She led two sessions before we tried it with visitors in the tinkering studio space with both our staff and the project explainer group. In each workshop, pairs played together to create stories inspired by three random words from a list generated by the group. This setting helped in terms of groups coming up with really imaginative narratives that we then presented to each other at the end of the session. I wanted to share some example videos of the ways we thought about the physical switches connected to the maKeymaKey and the programming with scratch on the screen as tools for storytelling.

Waterfall, Rambunctious, and Fairy Godmother included a really nice water switch to calm down the crazy bat. Luigi and Nicole spoke about how they divided the work with one building the switch and the other focusing on the programming.

This group got the words El Nino, Carrots, Surprise and each drew a customized carrot that were surprised when the rain appeared. They also recorded whoosing sounds of the storm.

One of the groups of explainers got Chewbacca, Pizza, and Sassy and made a really neat animation with background and character downloaded from the internet. There project had some complicated coding making Chewie say a bunch of sassy comments in a random order.

The Pizza, Love, Teeth group spent some time using aluminum tape and paper lunch sacks to create a funny scene with the pizza eating puppet.

Julian created a really fun wearable switch to fit the story that used the words Turtleneck, Hat, Sky.

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