Light Up Holiday Cards


During a member and donor night at the Exploratorium, we hosted an electronic greeting cards activity where we invited participants to make their own light up holiday cards. The activity featured paper circuit making with LEDs to embellish handmade cards.


The Tinkering Studio team experimented with paper circuits previously as a workshop on the floor as well as an activity brought to conferences and international workshops. Reflections on the activity through the lenses of facilitation, space set up, and working with visitors. The "wide walls" of the activity are evident with past explorations into combining paper circuits with Scratch and magazines collages. Additionally, we have brought paper circuits into the classroom in 2014 and 2016.




For this event, the focus was on using two types of LEDs: gumdrops and stickers. The premise of creating paper circuits without soldering surface mount LEDs was very appealing. We used a gumdrop LEDs in a variety of colors and sizes as well as Chibitronics LED stickers.

A switch sampler from Becca Rose (@beccaerose) and a paper circuit remix by Susan Klimczak (@zackboston) was an exciting addition to the activity.

Overall we had a successful night of card making. We saw many participants troubleshooting circuit designs as well as modifying and complexifying their creations.




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