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Light Up Holiday Cards

During a member and donor night at the Exploratorium, we hosted an electronic greeting cards activity where we invited participants to make their own light up holiday cards. The activity featured paper circuit making with LEDs to embellish handmade cards.



Making Digital Sounds for Physical Objects

Last Thursday we hosted our last BAME (Bay Area Maker Educators) meet-up of 2017. Our theme for the night was Making Digital Sounds for Physical Objects and we explored the intersection of microcontrollers, software, and different types of interactive sound making materials. This event was timely for our team because we are currently exploring concepts and ideas around computational thinking and sound.


Cardboard Arcade 2017

Back in 2012, Caine Monroy of Caine's Arcade visited the Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts. In July, 14-year-old Caine returned to our new home and built cardboard arcade games with us during our Infinite Versatility of Cardboard event. For the day, we invited visitors to build cardboard games alongside Caine. The arcade was adjacent to the Tinkering Studio, spilling out onto the museum floor in the center of the day's activity.


Lighthouse Mini Maker Faire

In April, the Tinkering Club after school program participated in the Lighthouse's Mini Maker Faire. Students in our program were the main facilitators of the activity, supporting the students at Lighthouse in making various forms of tin art (if you missed our blog post on tin art, check it out here ).


Tin Art at Lighthouse

Our second light-themed project at Lighthouse Community Charter School was to create illuminated, perforated and scored pieces of tin art. Hojalata, tin artwork, is the Mexican folk art practice of manipulating soft tin sheets by bending, perforating, and painting. Tin art supports tinkering practices that students have been developing over the past two semesters, such as soldering, iterating on initial designs, and using task-specific tools.


Light Painting with BAME



Afterschool Tinkering: Hardcover Journals

Lianna and I had facilitated our first Tinkering Club session of the year at Lighthouse Community Charter School. With an entire class filled with returning students, it’s safe to say that they are as excited about tinkering as we are!


After School Tinkering: Wood Automata

During the fall session at Lighthouse Community Charter School, the Tinkering Studio developed and delivered after school tinkering curriculum focusing on projects that used mechanisms and motions. One of the projects in the series was wood automata, where students used what they had learned previously in Tinkering Club to build automata entirely from wood.