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Light Play + A Cut Paper Installation

Our recent activity development around Light Play led to a synergistic moment as I began to wonder whether cut paper installations I’ve created might allow for some interesting explorations, especially around creating collaborative light environments. So for two days this week, we filled the Tinkering Studio’s workshop space with cut paper crowds and invited people to collaborate in activating the installation using Light Play.


Small Scale Animation with Cardboard

As part of the Infinite Versatility of Cardboard last week, we made new cardboard pieces on the laser cutter to use with our stop motion animation stations. We found the animated shorts that resulted so surprisingly delightful that we’ve continued to offer these cardboard pieces at the animation station a week running!



There are no elves at the Exploratorium (nor do we have a basement)

Making is not a new phenomenon, and the Exploratorium has been celebrating the process of making since the museum’s beginnings.

Aerial view of the machine shop, early to mid 1970's © Exploratorium, All rights reserved