Danny Scheible

Danny Scheible

First attracted to masking tape because of its versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, Danny Scheible used the unlikely material to create large-scale installations that redefined the potential of the medium and allowed him to spread a socially interactive new art form. He called this new discipline Tap•i•ga•mi (pronounced Tāpәˈgämē).

“I found that oftentimes people make assumptions about the way they’re going to interact with the world. And I found art to be the best tool to get people out of that everyday assumption.”

Together with Tre Borden, a childhood friend, Danny founded the company Tapigami to bring his artistic vision and innovative techniques to a wider audience. Recently, Tapigami creations were highlighted in an episode of KVIE Public Television’s Rob on the Road and an installation from Maker Faire Bay Area was featured in Wired magazine. Danny has also shown installation pieces at the W Hotel in San Francisco, the San Francisco City Hall and participated in multiple events at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum. Danny recently debuted his first solo-museum show at the California Museum in Sacramento, CA entitled, “California Creates: Tapigami” running through October 21st, and was also highlighted in a feature article in the Sacramento Bee.

Danny is very excited to be bringing his unique art form to the Exploratorium!

Danny describes some of his rolling techniques and how they evolved over time