Moxie Liebermann


Moxie is an artist, fiber pusher, and human being. She enjoys conceptual art, hi-jinx and/or shenanigans, and making wool do impossible things.

Her work has been shown in galleries in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and more. She's taught thousands of people to needle felt in dozens of settings, including the Frye Art Museum, Urban Craft Uprising, and the Maker Faire Bay Area.

Moxie’s latest work, Control 2.0, is installed at the Exploratorium, just outside the Tinkering Studio.

Moxie spends her free time not cleaning up after herself and writing quirky paragraphs about herself in the third person. She lives in Seattle with her unbelievably patient husband and the two best cats in the known universe.

Moxie’s interview at Open MAKE: Time