Our Work

Strands of Work

at The Tinkering Studio

The Tinkering Studio program encompasses more than the public space on the floor of the Exploratorium. We engage in six main strands of work that inform and inspire the design of our activities. All of these aspects are vital engines that fuel our creativity, generate new ideas and solutions, and (hopefully) inspire others to start tinkering at home or in their own institutions.

Research and Development
Activities and exhibits are developed in the Learning Studio, the creative engine (adjacent to the Tinkering Studio) where ideas are generated, discarded, tested and perfected.
The Tinkering Studio itself
We share daily tinkering experiences, in-depth workshops, lightly facilitated activities, and inspirational installations in the Tinkering Studio on the public floor of the museum.
Our work with artists, tinkerers, and makers of all stripes is critical as we attempt to demystify the process of making, and to infuse our work with new ideas.
Large and small-scale public events that invite visitors to collaborate with us through making and tinkering experiences.
We are constantly engaged in a process of being reflective about our own work, and try to articulate our ideas and philosophy via a range of publications.
Professional Development
Introductory and advanced Professional Development workshops, to support educators in developing a practice and ethos of tinkering.
After School Tinkering
We collaborate with several after school programs to share tinkering projects with teachers and kids.