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Creepy Beasties

Last Thursday’s Afterdark followed the theme Hair, Feather, Scale, and Nail. To fit the night’s motif, we facilitated a new activity in the Tinkering Studio called Creepy Beasties.


Ecsite 2016 Dissect, Hack and Reimagine Toys Workshop

As Sebastian and I were dreaming up the pop-up makerspace at Ecsite 2016, we talked about running a series of activities that built on each other over time but also provided low-threshold opportunities for participants to join in the workshop along the way.


Familiar Materials for Unusual Circuits

Over the past couple weeks, it has been great to check out the rebelmouse page for inspirations and innovations from participants in our coursera course as they build scribbling machines, sewn circuits and other electricity-minded projects.


Copper Tape & Conductive Thread

One of my favorite parts of working in the Tinkering Studio is the challenge of hunting down all the quirky, weird, and sometimes hard-to-find materials we use for activities and prototyping. As Materials-Nerd-in-Chief I often try to find several different sources for materials since items from different vendors will have varying strengths and weaknesses. Two materials we frequently get questions about are copper tape and conductive thread. Here's a quick summary of a few types we've tried and their pros and cons.


Copper Tape


Experiments with Wearable Tech

In preparation for April's After Dark we've been messing around with ways of tinkering with clothing and the concept of "wearable tech." One idea that we had was that it'd be fun to work with t-shirts, but suspected it would be challenging to make a sewn circuit at that scale in the time frame of an After Dark event.


Bow Ties & Circuits

As we continue experimenting with sewn-circuits, I decided to try out making a bow tie. I found a basic pattern online and used it for my first try. I did encounter a few hiccups... sewing can be a bit tricky if your out of practice.


Sewn hearts

In the last week or so, we have been experimenting again with sewn circuits, using conductive thread, LEDs, and more traditional sewing tools and techniques to see how we can bring that experience out on the floor in a way visitors might enjoy. Right now we're in the “anything goes” phase, and personally it's been really fun to pick up needle and thread again.


The Maker Space at ECSITE

At the ecsite conference in Gothenburg, we took part in an experimental kind of session, a maker space where attendees could spend time working on projects and having conversations about developing this type of work at their own institutions.


Open MAKE Tools: circuits three-ways

During the last Open MAKE: Tools event we tried to offer three different and progressively new (to us) approaches to making a circuit. We called this experiment "Circuits three-ways", and it consisted of: