Scratch Paper Sound Experiments

Over the past couple of weeks, Nicole and I have been preparing for a workshop for the upcoming Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab around programming paper circuits. We started to experiment with these ideas a few months ago when we hosted a BAME meetup for a half-baked smorgasbord of programming provocations.


East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2015

This past weekend, the Tinkering Studio participated in the East Bay Mini Maker Faire for the first time ever. A few of us attended the faire last year as participants and felt that the smaller environment would be a good change of pace from the big faire and chance to bring some new ideas to a community event.


Beetleblocks with BAME

Last week we had our bimonthly meet-up for the Bay Area Maker Educator (BAME) group in the learning studio. It was a great chance to share some of the things that we are currently working on under the umbrella of "playful programming" including beetleblocks, digital tools like the watercolorbot, programmable light play, and scratch.


Nerding Out on Visual Programming

After being exposed on Twitter for nerding out on visual programming, scratch and beetleblocks, I wanted to make sure I shared some of what we've been working on over the past week or so in that area.


Beetleblocks and Watercolorbot Experiments

Lately we've been experimenting with a new program by Tinkering Studio collaborator Eric Rosenbaum (who also created makey makey, mmmtsss, and glow doodle) called Beetle Blocks. Beetle blocks allows you to use SCRATCH like programming to create 3D designs drawn by a little "beetle".


3D printing with beetleblocks

We have had a 3D printer in the Learning Studio for a few months, and some of us have been experimenting with ways to use it meaningfully, whether it is to make custom parts for exhibits on the floor, or cool materials that bend and spring in interesting ways. For me, though, the whole process lacked a certain crucial degree of appeal. I don't know how to use a 3D cad program, and although I am interested in learning eventually, the learning curve is quite steep and the process very long before I can get something meaningful out of it.

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