Scratch Paper Sound Experiments

Over the past couple of weeks, Nicole and I have been preparing for a workshop for the upcoming Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab around programming paper circuits. We started to experiment with these ideas a few months ago when we hosted a BAME meetup for a half-baked smorgasbord of programming provocations.


Programming Cats, Dogs and Cockroaches

Recently, we've been doing lots of experiments with Scratch programming and projects that bridge the digital and physical world. Earlier in the month, Ricarose Roque visited the Tinkering Studio and inspired us to start thinking about ways to use Scratch both as a tool for storytelling and a platform to connect homemade objects to the scratch animations with MakeyMakey.


Beetleblocks and Watercolorbot Experiments

Lately we've been experimenting with a new program by Tinkering Studio collaborator Eric Rosenbaum (who also created makey makey, mmmtsss, and glow doodle) called Beetle Blocks. Beetle blocks allows you to use SCRATCH like programming to create 3D designs drawn by a little "beetle".

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