LEGO Balance: Initial Prompts and Starting Points

To continue sharing thoughts about #LEGOtinkering balance explorations, I wanted to focus on the initial starting points and prompts that we tried out for the activity.



LEGO Balance: Extra Materials and Iteration

Over the past few months, we've been prototyping a tinkering activity using LEGO pieces to construct balancing sculptures. We're currently putting the idea on hiatus for a while as we prepare for an upcoming LEGO event, but we thought that in lieu of posting a detailed instructable about how to do the activity, I'd write a couple blog posts to share our groups reflections so far and the questions and ideas we're excited to pursue when we return to this topic.


Collaborative R&D with Twitter, LEGO, and Digital Tools

Our recent experiments with LEGO tinkering have led to some quick and dirty collaboration, iteration, and research and development mostly over twitter using the hashtag #LEGOtinkering.

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