Benji’s War Reenactment

Light Play
Meet Benji. He's a 12 year old history buff, with a particular affection for wars. Mostly American Revolution, but also other stuff, Civil War and the like. He's been into it for a long time, in fact it turns out that Deanna was his counselor when he was six, and remembers him asking her for a face painting about the war of 1812.


Paper Circuit Programming Inspirations

There are many different ways that we've been thinking about creating experiences that incorporate programming and computation into existing tinkering activities. One of the things that we've been interested in is the possibilities of adapting paper circuits workshops to include more elements of programming and storytelling.


Scratch Storytelling

Last week we hosted Ricarose Roque from the Scratch team at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. She visited last January and we spent some time trying out programming, incorporating scratch into chain reactions, and working on a monster mash activity with visitors.


Audio Storytelling: What Makes a Switch?

Luisa Beck spent many weeks in the Tinkering Studio, observing and recording the sounds of visitors engaged in making Chain Reactions, asking questions and getting to know the visitors, in order to create the audio piece we shared earlier. During that time, a theme started to emerge: she noticed that a common cognitive leap in construction happens when the concept of a switch is introduced.


Audio Storytelling: Tinkering with Chain Reactions

For the past few months we've had the great pleasure of hosting Luisa Beck as an Artist in Residence in the Tinkering Studio. Luisa is an audio producer and storyteller, collaborating with some of the greatest podcasts and radio stations around, and we could hardly believe our luck when she said she wanted to create stories about the experiences of people tinkering in the Tinkering Studio.

Luisa Beck

Luisa Beck

Luisa likes to think about ways to make the unfamiliar familiar. How can stories bring a stranger or an abstract idea closer? How can various media and technologies help us learn, express ourselves creatively, or relate to different perspectives?

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