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Pinhole Cameras with Modesto Tamez

For the past two weeks we've had a special guest visiting us at Tinkering Club - artist and senior scientist at the Exploratorium Modesto Tamez! To continue our exploration of light and shadow, we worked with him to create Pinhole Cameras. We thought this would be a fun connection to previous weeks' ideas, but with a new twist. For example, when we made light paintings we were creating long exposure digital images.


Making Stained Glass Window Hangings with Tinkering ASP

To continue our explorations of light, shadow, and color at Lighthouse's Tinkering Club Afterschool Program, the next activity we dove into was making stained glass art. There are a few big reasons we chose to make this our next activity. First, it builds on students' interests and prior skills. In past activities, soldering has always been one of the most popular elements to participate in, but all of our previous soldering has been related to circuitry. Making a stained glass window uses those same tools and materials, but in a different way and for a new purpose.

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