Scratch@MIT 2016

Last week, Nicole and I traveled to MIT for the biannual scratch conference and spent a few extra days sharing ideas and prototyping with our friends at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab.


Scratch Paper Sound Experiments

Over the past couple of weeks, Nicole and I have been preparing for a workshop for the upcoming Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab around programming paper circuits. We started to experiment with these ideas a few months ago when we hosted a BAME meetup for a half-baked smorgasbord of programming provocations.


Programming and Paper Circuits Workshop

Lately we've been thinking a lot about how to provide an introduction to programming through visual languages like scratch with visitors on the museum floor.


Programming Cats, Dogs and Cockroaches

Recently, we've been doing lots of experiments with Scratch programming and projects that bridge the digital and physical world. Earlier in the month, Ricarose Roque visited the Tinkering Studio and inspired us to start thinking about ways to use Scratch both as a tool for storytelling and a platform to connect homemade objects to the scratch animations with MakeyMakey.


Musical Doorway at Helix!

A few months ago I posted an instructable about how to create a musical bench that runs on the arduino platform. This week I got an email from Lea about how her and the Helix crew took the idea and created a musical doorway for their museum. She sent a couple of videos of Amisha and Tricia goofing around with the exhibit and I wanted to pass them along.


A Singing Bench on Market Street

A few weeks ago, the Exploratorium launched a new outdoor space on Market Street called a Living Innovation Zone (LIZ). The prototype space is an exciting way for us to put some of our favorite exhibits out in the middle of downtown San Francisco and share them with the thousands of people who walk by the plaza every day. One of the exhibits that we thought would be a great addition to the space was the musical bench which creates a melody based on the resistance generated when two people hold hands.


Circuit Card Prototypes

After lugging our set of wooden electricity boards to Milan for our 'Intro to tinkering workshop' (see video for evidence of our packing moment of zen), I started thinking about making a lighter and more portable version of the activity to take for offsite conferences and workshops.


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