LEGO Balance: Initial Prompts and Starting Points

To continue sharing thoughts about #LEGOtinkering balance explorations, I wanted to focus on the initial starting points and prompts that we tried out for the activity.



LEGO Balance: Extra Materials and Iteration

Over the past few months, we've been prototyping a tinkering activity using LEGO pieces to construct balancing sculptures. We're currently putting the idea on hiatus for a while as we prepare for an upcoming LEGO event, but we thought that in lieu of posting a detailed instructable about how to do the activity, I'd write a couple blog posts to share our groups reflections so far and the questions and ideas we're excited to pursue when we return to this topic.


#LEGOTinkering Balance Continued

Since our #LEGOtinkering balance workshop at East Bay Maker Faire, we've been continuing to test out ideas and try new things around the phenomenon of balance using LEGO pieces with visitors to our Tinkering Studio workshop. I wanted to share a few of our more recent experiments as well as raise some questions that we still have about how to best support tinkering through this activity.


Behind-the-Scenes: Maker Faire Setup

Maker Faire is rapidly approaching ( 1 day, 2 hours, 25 minutes) and we're putting the finishing touches on the Exploratorium booth, prepping our tinkering activities, and getting everything ready for Saturday morning. Here are a few behind-the-scenes sneak peaks at our preparations for the big event!


Maker Faire 2012 Preview

This week, we've all been working hard to get the Exploratorium booth at Maker Faire all set up and ready to go. We've shipped the materials, exhibits, and even a cabinet of curiosities down to San Mateo and we'll spend the next couple of days getting everything prepared for the crowds this weekend. Throughout both days, our booth will be filled with tinkering activities, some of our favorite exhibits, and many prototypes from the past four open make events that we're looking forward to trying again.

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