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Parts, Purposes, and Complexities with Cardboard Automata

There are many different approaches that can be explored with any of our tinkering activities, and in our constant effort to develop and refine our own practice we like to vary our own ways of presenting things, and try out new stuff.


Made in the Tinkering Studio: Cardboard Automata (and more)

Continued from Karen's post about Automata and related to the CoP hangout "Let's Talk Automata" from two weeks ago (you can watch the recorded hangout here on YouTube), I wanted to share some more automata that were created in the Tinkering Studio. Some are in photos, some are in videos.
Here we go!


Automata (and then some...)

You may have noticed the radio silence on our end, as witnessed by a serious lack of blog posts. This was because our website was hacked, not that we didn't have lots of things to share with you.  We're happy to be back in business now and I'll kick things off with what should end up being a barrage of blog posts from the team, showing you what we’ve been up to for the last month or so.


Cardboard Automata With High School Explainers

Hi my name is Mario and I'm the tinkering studio intern. I work closely with The Tinkering Studio and High School Explainers. I help lead workshops alongside the High School Explainers.


New Explainer Trainings

This past week, we hosted two workshops for new explainers this will soon be facilitating activities with us in the tinkering studio. The high school explainers built cardboard automata which is the current activity in our workshop on the weekends. The field trip explainers worked together to create a large scale chain reaction, something that we hope to start prototyping on the floor in the next month or so.


A Curious Automata

We're starting a whole week (including the weekend) of automata in the tinkering studio so in honor I thought I'd share this beautiful example that was constructed as part of a series of CURIOUS soical media posts of exhibits and activities around the museum. The sound effects are great too!


Automata Examples

photo 1

Over the past several years of doing automata, we've developed some "classic" motion examples for participants to check out as they are starting to design their creations.


Happy (tinkering over the) Holidays

Just a little holiday greeting from your friends at the Tinkering Studio ~ we hope you get some time to tinker over the holidays (learn a new tool, start a project, make something, show someone else how to make something)!


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